Dear all,

Every week the ParamountDax operation is bringing new updates and improvements. During the last weeks, we have done a great job related to maintenance and deployment, as well as different bugs improvements.

We would like to present you our results of the work for 3 weeks.

What has the Development Team achieved these weeks?

✅ These weeks the Development Team has improved, fixed, and completed these bugs:

✔️Fixed a bug for blocked deposit funds!
✔️Change chart size in the trading section!
✔️Fixed some page adaptation bugs!
✔️Fixed bugs on safari browser!
✔️ Added referral cookies at 9 months!
✔️ Improvements have been implemented in the orderbook!
✔️Optimize the spaces on the security page!
✔️Create endpoints to list PRDX and ParamountDax Exchange!
✔️ Fixed infinite number bugs to be entered in the amount box!
✔️ The help center interface has been improved!
✔️ Fixed the bug when the funds were very low!
✔️ Fixed bugs in the white version of the exchange!
✔️Increased order cancellation speed!
✔️Increased live price update speed!
✔️ Added logout security system after 30 minutes of inactivity!
✔️ The price in the limit box is updated after placing an order!
✔️Improved process to confirm new IP from smartphone!
✔️New PRDX tokens page burned in blockchain!
✔️Optimized Deposit / Withdrawal details!
✔️ Many other small improvements!

☑️We are developing instead:

🔘Increase the speed of loading data into the chart!
🔘New 2FA recovery process!
🔘 Various types of bug fixes!
🔘PRDX distribution!
🔘 Website and design process speed improvements!
🔘New Advanced Trading page!
🔘Order OCO & OTO!
🔘 Import historical candle data into charts!
🔘In open orders show all pairs orders, not just the selected one!
🔘 Announcements & Notifications Page!

We want to be as transparent as possible but also deliver acutely accurate information.

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Our Telegram is the best way to get in direct contact with our team or community. If you have any questions relating to the project, this is the best place to ask them

Thank you for being with us.

Good luck! And see you soon!

Website: https://www.paramountdax.com

And here’s how to get involved with the ParamountDax Community:

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/LNehJxUX9sVoZabNrnaEZA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParamountDax


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/paramountdax-exchange

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Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ParamountDax/

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