Dear friends,

It has been a while since we shared our updates with you, but this time we have a whole list of great improvements that we can`t wait to share with you. We worked hard to stabilize the system, making improvements and optimizing the functionality. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working on finishing touches on the first version of the daily profit, starting marketing and so on.

✅ In recent weeks the development team has improved, corrected and completed these bugs:

Always working on the platform, we have many small milestones achieved.
✔️Fast loading of the Orders / Order History section
✔️Improved PRDX daily income calculation table on the landing page
✔️ Added “Opportunities” section in the footer
✔️ The function to view the price from the browser tab has been implemented
✔️Trade password implemented for Market Orders
✔️Improved the Buy Crypto with Card section
✔️Implemented punctuation for reading numbers
✔️ Fixed minor bugs and graphical improvements
✔️ Market Order enabled
✔️ Implemented various information pop-ups
✔️Improved Orderbook
✔️Improved Depth Chart
✔️Improved the Landing Page
✔️ Redesigned Portfolio section
✔️Implemented flash in Trade History with directional arrow

☑️We are developing instead:

🔘Increase the speed of loading data into the chart!
🔘New 2FA recovery process!
🔘 Various types of bug fixes!
🔘PRDX distribution!
🔘Improve the website and design process speed!
🔘New Advanced Trading page!
🔘Order OCO & OTO!
🔘 Import historical candle data into charts!
🔘In open orders show all pairs orders, not just the selected one!
🔘 Announcements & Notifications Page!

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Happy trading!!

Good luck! And see you soon!

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