Dear valued ParamountDax customer,

Here is our weekly improvement report that offers you a glimpse of new product developments, guides, and hottest ParamountDax news.

In line with the updates we are currently announcing, ParamountDax wants our users to enjoy every bit of our project in the easiest and more convenient way. With that being said, the team here at ParamountDax is excited to share that today our new landing page is live!

✅ The following are some descriptions of activities that have been carried out in the last weeks.

✔New website with (Mainstream, Gainers and Losers)

✔New Advanced Trading page with Simplicity to avoid unnecessary complexity and keep Paramountdax Chart interface easy to use and understand and make it easier for an intuitive trading.

✔Simplified trading page Informative popups implemented on the various pages

✔New depth chart and New orderbook

✔New section for details on cryptocurrencies and useful links

✔Enlarged the exchange dimensions and improved the usage flows

✔Added support instant chat

✔We also included our most features and helpful links on the page for easy access:

🔘Moving forward for Marketing

We are now moving forward with the second phase of the project which will start with our marketing program in multiple stages:

✅ The campaigns will consist of both banner ads on various platforms and YouTube ads. Considering this as part of our comprehensive marketing strategy, we pay much attention to promoting ParamountDax Exchange on Asian markets.

✅ Over the course of the next few weeks, the team will be releasing multiple videos and guides for using the Exchange and all features of the ParamountDax.

✅ Our growth strategy for acquiring customers in mass will kick in at the launch of the “Instant Bonus” which will be one of the most advantaged tools for our users.

✅ Marketing efforts will be spent improving our multimedia content to raise awareness, as well as encouraging and helping new users with onboarding.

✅ The second stage will start immediately after the launch of the mobile app

In conclusion, we would like to note that our goal is to popularize the platform and connect partners to the ParamountDax Exchange. We have created the product desired by users and are working on making it widely popular among the general public.

We expect for the new design to complement our innovative technology, and to make our product more user-friendly. We also hope to see many new users benefit from our products.

Together we can achieve the goals and results that we have set for ourselves.

Together we are now officially set for an exciting journey!

Good luck and see you soon!

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