A Guide to Avoid Mistakes to Become the Best Crypto Trader

Hello Community!

Let’s say it out loud: nobody’s perfect. That’s why there’s no doubt that you’re gonna face some difficulties on your unsteady path to a successful crypto trading. In this article we attempt to help you by spilling the tea about the most common mistakes and some ways to learn from them… or avoid them.

Pretending to be an octopus

Getting completely sucked into the crypto world

Another thing is that it’s only gonna work long-term. Why? Because the longer you wait the more information you’re gonna get. So self-discipline and no short time-frame charts, if you really wanna make money!

The “no prep” mode

Slow-roasting yourself after entering the crypto trade

Ignoring the necessity to create per-trade risk allowance


We’ve always set your goals above all else, so if you need help with your crypto strategy — don’t hesitate to come and ask!

Good luck! And see you soon!

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