How is ParamountDax faring a month after Launch?

Dear ParamountDax Community,

We have few updates that we would like to share with you after the launch of the platform, ParamountDax Exchange went live on 29 of April, 2020. As we hit the crucial “one month anniversary”, we need to ask ourselves how the Exchange and the PRDX Token and all of its system are faring.

Thousands of traders and investors are showing continued interest in the Exchange and the PRDX Token.

We’ve made strong progress toward every other aspect of ParamountDax release. We have summarised some of our most important actions below.

The PRDX Distribution

The single objective being, to help the PRDX Token Holders to maximize the benefits and to support the PRDX price stability. On 28 April, we give you an overview of our new “Vesting plan for the PRDX Token”.

  • 11th May 2020: we have distributed 50% of PRDX Token to our investors in Presale and Ico Sale
  • 15th May 2020: we have distributed 50% of PRDX Token to our Bounty Hunters and testers
  • 08th June 2020: we have distributed the remaining 50% of the PRDX Token to our Investors in Presale and Ico Sale
  • 12th June 2020: we have distributed the remaining 50% of the PRDX Token to our Bounty Hunters and testers.
  • 16th June 2020: will be the first release of the PRDX to our Private Investors (33%).

High Performance and Improvement

The beauty of trading built from the scratch is you can rapidly iterate and improve it to increase user satisfaction and accomplish business goals. The team has navigated a few obstacles this passed month and successfully managed to stay on track. We are strongly working on bug fixes and development.

We’ve always viewed the front-end with equal importance to the back-end. It’s our key to providing a seamless experience to both new and advanced traders.

Our front-end experience has been implemented, following multiple design iterations.

  • On 13/05/2020 release of the first weekly improvements report
  • On 22/05/2020 release of the second weekly improvements report
  • On 05/06/2020 release of the third weekly improvement report.

Our plan moving forward

We’re making significant progress on many fronts, such as strategies to raise the price of the PRDX, new partnerships, marketing strategies and general growth in the market.

Here are our plans for the next months:

We plan to deliver many smaller features and improvements;

  1. Release of the ATC (Advanced Trading Chart);
  2. Start of the daily profit distribution to all PRDX Token Holders.

Plan for acquiring users

Influencer marketing — we are in contact with bloggers, youtubers and influencers who have large social followings to get the ParamountDax visible in front of their followers.

SEO and Advertising

The advertising might include:

Through targeted websites, medias with PR campaigns, strategic positioning.

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram ads)

Display advertising (also known as banner ads on CoinMarketcap, Cointelegraph, Coincheckup etc)

Local business publications.

In addition, we will spread the word through a new product video showing ParamountDax features and use cases.

In Summary, We have received a great response and a lot of very valuable feedback. We thank everyone for their support for the project over the past months. We will aim to update the community regularly to enable you to track our development efforts going forward, and are confident that you will be pleased with what you see! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Telegram to ask questions or discuss anything that I’ve just covered.

Therefore, the end of this year will be great for the entire ParamountDax project.

Good luck! And see you soon!


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