New opportunity for the ParamountDax exchange users — Trading from chart

4 min readMay 28, 2019


The traders worldwide are trying to find the efficient tool for the profitable market making. The innovative exchange with the cutting-edge technology base, ParamountDax, presents the platform TFC. The trading from chart has the exceptional key points in comparison with traditional trading operations.

Now the ParamountDax exchange developers team is working under the interface of TFC platform in order to provide all users with the full set of necessary options for trading from the chart. The demo version is ready but the concept is still developing in order to satisfy the traders’ requirements in the full scope.

All peculiarities of TFC platform by ParamountDax developers

The main peculiarity of the cutting-edge platform for trading from chart is the additional module for the advanced functions accessibility. The option TFC (Advanced) is considered as the efficient tool for trading because it allows all market makers to run different operations of their interest directly from the ParamountDax exchange chart. The following options are available for traders worldwide due to the improved capabilities of charting platform:

  • Accomplishment of the market orders;
  • Orders limitation;
  • Bringing orders to stop;
  • Orders operations for multiple assets and other.

The advantages of trading from chart over the traditional one

The main difference of TFC platform capabilities by ParamountDax exchange is opportunity to set the price level in terms of the graphical showings. There is also the range of the interactive options to select in case the trader has no position in security. In the event that the market maker has, the number of accessible options increases and the trader is able to use following offers in TFC platform:

  1. Short — Cover;
  2. Sell — Buy.

It is worth noticing that the usage of Shor/Cover and Buy/Sell options will have a direct impact on the user’s current position. These functions could both increase or decrease the situation of the trading campaign participant. The picture of the demo version interface is available below — the dark background with the multicolor graphical showings to create the trading strategies of interest with help of the ParamountDax TFC platform. Particular attention should be given to the pleasing interface and other design solutions by Paramount team.

In order to start the order, the user needs to drag the widget vertically. This way it is possible to indicate the current price. Among additional offers there are options to locate them on the graphics. They are concerned to “stop loss” and “take profit” caps which could be positioned on the diagram of the chart.

There is the wide range of other helpful widgets to select during the operating with TFC platform. They facilitate to the efficient limits management — each user could line both the upper and lower showings according his purposes. Among the widgets of high interest are:

  • Spread;
  • Straddles;
  • Brackets.

All them are meant for the fast and automatically-done creation of the trading strategy within the frameworks of the ParamountDax project with its trading from chart advanced capabilities. The easy manipulations help both to newcomers in the trading sphere and the experienced traders who are searching for the stable and big profit for their market making actions.

The main advantage of the TFC opportunity by ParamountDax is the well-understandable operating principle of the platform with advanced range of functions for trading from chart. The easy-formed price action trading strategies will be successfully used for new efficient steps in the market making. Moreover, the cutting-edge exchange, ParamountDax, offers to run key operations directly from the chart.

After the really future-oriented demo version of the TFC ParamountDax platform demonstration all cryptocurrency world representatives, traders worldwide and other market making participants are waiting edgily for the final variant with fully advanced functionality for the profitable trading from chart.

Good luck! And see you soon!

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