Hello community,

Thanks very much for your ongoing support to ParamountDax Exchange.

This update gives you an overview of our new “Vesting plan for the PRDX Token”, dives into specific questions you may have, and addresses what it means for you as a token holder. As always, ParamountDaxis committed to full transparency, and to informing our community first in every single matter.

This Vesting plan will help to support the PRDX price stability.

Timing of Distributions

The PRDX Token will be distributed to the user’s wallet account according to the official vesting plan. This is just another step for the team to show we’re committed to the mission and vision of ParamountDax Exchange.

1. Ico Presale and Ico Sale: In 2 stages of release

  1. Initial release 11th May 2020: 50%
  2. Second release 08th June 2020: 50%

2. Private Sale Investors: In 3 stages of release

  1. First release 16th June 2020: 33%
  2. Second release 16th July 2020: 33%
  3. Third release 16th August 2020: 34%

3. Bounty, Airdrop and Testers: in 2 stages

  1. First release 15th May 2020: 50%
  2. Second release 12th June 2020: 50%

Importance of the Vesting Plan

Through our internal strategic, the team has also been in very close discussions with some of our important investors. We asked (and we were asked) many questions. These discussions helped us to understand better where we need to focus our future resources. The single objective being, to help the PRDX token holders to maximize the benefits and to support the PRDX price stability.

In summary, we do hope these details provide an extra level of transparency to our community. We look forward to sharing more of the fascinating things we’ll be doing in the future with all of you.

Thank you and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are 24/7 at your service.

Good luck! And see you soon!


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