Vesting Plan Schedule for ParamountDax Foundation and Team

Dear ParamountDax Users,

Since September 2018, ParamountDax has been in continuous development for more than two years in accordance with the roadmap in the published Whitepaper. The ParamountDax team and community have achieved milestones one after another. In order to protect the PRDX Token, ParamountDax Foundation has decided a new distribution schedule for the team.

Today we have an important announcement about the changes to the lockup period applicable to founders and team, the lockup period will be extended to December 2021.

Team Token Vesting Plan

The vision of the ParamountDax Foundation is to build a secure & scalable trading platform.

According to the original plan of the ParamountDax WhitePaper, 23% of the total amount of PRDX (23.000.000) has been reserved for ParamountDax founders and the development team, which will be gradually unlocked over the course of two years. Team members are allocated tokens as a way of compensation for their efforts and interests in the company, and to make a project successful from start to finish.

After careful consideration, the Foundation has decided to delay the distribution schedule for the team in order to ensure the realization of the long-term vision of the ParamountDax Exchange, we hereby announce the following resolutions of the distribution of reserved PRDX for the team:

In 3 phases.

  1. 10th of December 2021: 30%
  2. 12th of May 2022: 35%
  3. 12th of December 2022: 35%

ParamountDax believes that this is very sensible since it would allow members of ParamountDax team to shine and make the overall project a success.

In addition, the ParamountDax team will also fully promote transparency, standardization, and communitization of the project assets management to the community through our official announcement to inform the PRDX tokens holders.

In summary, the ParamountDax team is fully committed to this project, and will continue upholding our initial intention forging ahead, and will work together with the community to build an incentive positive. This staggered release schedule will provide market stability for our community

We look forward to your continuous support for us to contribute to this platform as a leading global Exchange.

We are thankful for your support and feedback.

Good luck! And see you soon!


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